What is Ocean Acidification?

Ocean Acidification is a change in ocean chemistry that is caused by absorption of excess atmospheric CO2. OA is a  global issue and is frequently overlooked in Climate Change conversations. More than ¼ of excess CO2 in the atmosphere is dissolved in our oceans annually. Globally, our oceans have become approximately 30% more acidic over the last 200 years - as human CO2 emissions rise, so will the acidity of our oceans.

What are the consequences of OA?

Coastal communities experience amplified OA effects due to nutrient run off from human activities and aquaculture facilities. Many species are sensitive to changes in oceanic pH, particularly those that produce hard shells or exoskeletons. Communities whose culture and primary economy rely on marine resources will be greatly affected along with global marine food resources.

Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response (MEOPAR) Network

Ocean Acidification Community of Practice 

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