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Baynes Sound Data

This project aims to better understand the short- and long-term variability that occurs within these productive waters. With more data, it is hoped that producers will have the information needed to make the best decisions for their harvest. This online resource gives users access to real time ocean monitoring data in Baynes Sound.

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GOA-ON Sampling Standards

Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (GOA-ON) sampling standard gives guidance on the proper way to execute ocean acidification observations, to allow for data to be compared world wide. It also gives advice on what to kinds of data to collect and and how to submit to the  SDG 14.3.1 Indicator, for world-wide comparison.


GOA-ON Data Explorer

The GOA-ON data portal "provides access and visualization to ocean acidification data and data synthesis products being collected around the world from a wide range of sources, including moorings, research cruises, and fixed time series stations" and represents them as an easy-to-use map. The map contains worldwide (and in some cases also real-time!) data and observation assets which are represented as interactive icons.


OA-ICC Biological Response Portal

This easy-to-use data repository and publication catalog focuses on biological response to ocean acidification. This resource allows you to easily search existing datasets through easy-to-use filters under the categories of Spatial information, Experimental information, Biological information, and Bibliographic information (as can be seen in the image below).

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