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Ocean Acidification Information Exchange

Have professional questions about OA, how to conduct research, data set, and more? Connect with the Canadian and global OA communities here!

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Coastal Acidification Interactive Story

This educational module from NOAA is an interactive way to learn about the impacts of humans changing water chemistry. This module specifically focuses on how changing water chemistry results in coastal acidification


Understanding OA

Learn how our oceans are absorbing increasingly more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, leading to lower pH and greater acidity with this educational resource from NOAA. Ocean acidification is fundamentally changing the chemistry of the world’s oceans and threatening our marine resources.

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GOA-ON Pier2Peer Program

Pier2Peer is a GOA-ON program that matches early career scientists with senior researchers across the globe. This program provides opportunities for knowledge exchange, conferences scholarships post doc positions and more!

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Baynes Sound Data

This project aims to better understand the short- and long-term variability that occurs within these productive waters. With more data, it is hoped that producers will have the information needed to make the best decisions for their harvest. This online resource gives users access to real time ocean monitoring data in Baynes Sound.


Back to Blue Initiative: An Ocean Crisis in the Making

The Back to Blue Initiative has created an interactive webpage that educates the user on the basics of ocean acidification. These basics are broken down into an introduction, the science, the impacts, and soultions?


Dungeness Crab Case Study Resources

Dungeness crab is a valuable species throughout the National Marine Sanctuaries of the West Coast from Washington state to throughout California. This communication toolkit is designed for educators and communicators to use to teach others about the impact of ocean acidification on Dungeness crab.

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