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About the Collaboration

This Coordination provides a concrete way forward and recommendations to facilitate better coordination. It identifies key areas where the two agencies can work together and may prove beneficial in expanding and refining the broad ranges of research, monitoring, and modelling efforts relevant to improving the understanding of OA within Canada and the United States. To learn more about the Collaboration visit the Government of Canada webpage by clicking here!

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Sally E
Chris C
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Thomas H
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Emily S
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Halle B
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For more information about: "Impacts of Ocean Acidification on the Atlantic Sea Scallop" reach out to the lead scientists! Also check out this regional vulnerability assessment that project lead Halle Berger is working on for her PhD "Assessing Vulnerability of the Atlantic Sea Scallop Social-Ecological System in the Northeast Waters of the US" (funded by NOAA OAP) by clicking here!

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For more information about: "Impacts of coastal acidification and climate change stressors on the Atlantic sea scallop: larval supply, recruitment and adaptive capacity to multiple global change drivers" reach out to the lead scientists!

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