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Create an Ocean Acidification Action Plan!

Governments across the world use action plans to help solve problems facing the world. Action Plans can be used by more people than just governments, they can be used by any individual or group that is faced with a problem! The OA CoP has created an educational resource outlining how to design a Action plan of your own that can be used to address OA in your community and beyond! This resource is targeted for students but could be used by anyone looking to make an action plan!

What was the impact of you/your classes or groups project? We would love to hear about your success stories! Success stories can be featured on our website and social media!

Our OA CoP team is excited to help with any and all groups using this resource. We are happy to virtually help teach this lesson and give more information on ocean acidification in Canada. If you are interested in a member of our team coming into your classroom or visiting your group please reach out to our community coordinator at

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