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Find out more about the OA resources in your area!

Our map of Canada's OA resources is full of information on OA facilities, infrastructure, experts, research groups, past and ongoing projects, and more! Each map pin has an up-to-date link of its available material and a list of searchable keywords.

  • Click on pins to view info

  • Each pin has a webpage link that contains all resources for that pin, and a list of searchable keywords (listed under "description")

  • To view layers (e.g., Facilities, People, Projects), expand map menu (top left button) and check/uncheck layers

  • To search map, click "view larger map" icon in top right corner (this opens a new tab with our map where you can search, with results from both our map and Google Maps).


Facilities & Infrastructure

People & Groups


OA Projects

Unsure of how to use the map? Click here for our video tutorial! 

We are continuously working to keep this map updated, so please let us know if you have an OA resource you would like us to add!

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