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Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network: North American Regional Hub Meeting - Victoria BC

The Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (GOA-ON)'s North American Hub held their first in person meeting in Victoria, BC on October 17-18, 2018. GOA-ON was established to serve Canada, the United States, and Mexico and has in turn encouraged the formation of regional hubs, like the North American Regional Hub, to aid with the efficient collection of data to assess ocean acidification and its effects, as well as work to develop adaptation tools.

The specific goals of the GOA-ON North American Regional Hub are:

  • Share information about readiness of the Observing Network

  • Assist in data management

  • Promote community best practices within a hub's domain consistent with GOA-ON

  • Provide integration of the global network through synthesis product development

The October 17-18 meeting provided an overview of: the history and goals of GOA-ON; the GOA-ON Data Portal and Website; current efforts by other GOA-ON Regional Hubs; the Canadian, Mexican, and US OA Programs; Biological responses to OA; as well as Developing and currently available indicators for OA. The workshop also highlighted opportunities for training, best practices, and collaboration; and formally identified the next steps for the GOA-ON North American Hub.

A full meeting agenda can be found here:

The final workshop report may be found here:

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