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OA News (You Could Use) Aug. 12, 2021

Here are some of the latest happenings in the world of ocean acidification in Canada and beyond!

IPCC 6th Assessment Report Released (Physical Science)

This week, Working Group I of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released their Sixth Assessment Report (Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis). New to this report is an interactive atlas which allows interactive exploration of the key findings of the report.

Throughout the report, ocean acidification is named as a major concern, and the report is clear that anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions over the past 40+ years have been the main driver of ocean acidification.

Visit the IPCC Working Group I 6th Assessment Report website:

View the Summary for Policymakers:

View the Technical Summary:

Save the Date – OA Week (September 13 – 17, 2021)

Cross posted from the OA Info Exchange:

“Ocean Acidification Week will be back in 2021!

Last September, GOA-ON launched OA Week as a response to the postponement of conferences and events due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We received such positive responses that GOA-ON, in partnership with NOAA OAP, IAEA OA-ICC, and IOC-UNESCO, is bringing OA Week back this year. We will bring you even more information and sessions from the regional hubs, more presentations by plenary speakers, and more conversations about global ocean acidification research. Please visit the new OA Week 2021 webpage for more details on the event. This webpage will be updated regularly as we continue planning the meeting.

We also need your help: please suggest topics for the Community Discussion Sessions. Think of Community Discussion Sessions as short workshops, listening sessions, interactive presentations, or other platforms for promoting conversations about issues that are relevant to the OA community. Even if you cannot commit to leading a session, we'd still like your thoughts on what topics you'd like to see covered during OA Week 2021. Share your suggestions by commenting on the post on the OA Info Exchange.

Finally, please share this news with your professional networks, and most importantly, don't forget to save the dates: Monday 13 September - Friday 17 September, 2021! If you have other questions about OA Week 2021, please contact us at”

In the News

“The lobster genome map is complete, here's why it's important”

Source: CBC News

Read the full article here.

New Paper of Interest

Agostini, Sylvain, Ben P. Harvey, Marco Milazzo, Shigeki Wada, Koetsu Kon, Nicolas Floc’h, Kosei Komatsu, Mayumi Kuroyama, and Jason M. Hall-Spencer. 2021. Simplification, not “tropicalization”, of temperate marine ecosystems under ocean warming and acidification. Global Change Biology, Early View (2021).


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