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OA News (You Could Use) November, 4th 2021

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Here are some of the latest happenings in the world of ocean acidification in Canada and beyond!

New in the CoP:

New in the Blog: New Scientist Spotlight post! We interviewed Shea Wyatt about his views on ocean acidification and learn about his current research in the Arctic and Sub Arctic.

Read the article here.

New OAIE Discussion Post: Starting next week the OA CoP will be facilitating discussions of important topics for the OA community on the OA Information Exchange. These posts will be made available to create a dialog between all of our members, so don't be shy! You will find can find a link to the discussions in OA News blog posts or you can find the post directly on the OA information exchange. Keep an eye out; our first discussion will be posted next week!

In the News:

Ocean acidification data confirms predictions of changes in El Nino conditions

Source: Florida News Times

Read it here.

New: Post Doctoral Opportunity

A new post doc opportunity has become available in Dr. Daphne Munroe's lab at Rutgers University in NJ. Dr. Munroe's research interests are based around the use shellfish fisheries and aquaculture as a model system. For more information on Dr. Munroe's research interests and lab check out her website by clicking here.

The following is cross posted from the job advertisement:

"Seeking a postdoctoral research associate to join a dynamic research team on a project that will involve both field-based and laboratory-based experiments. Position is based at the Haskin Shellfish Research Lab (located in Port Norris, NJ) at Rutgers University, and will include travel to meet with project collaborators and advisors from management and fishing communities. Funding is in place for 18 months, with possible extension subject to funding. The postdoc will be responsible for coordinating experiments which will include farm-scale grow-out experiments in the ocean, lab-scale multi-stressor (temperature and ocean acidification) experiments in the hatchery, meetings with industry and management collaborators, and writing reports and manuscripts about results. Opportunities for grant writing, undergraduate student mentoring, and presentations at science conferences will be encouraged.

We are looking for applications from candidates with experience or interest in shellfish aquaculture and with a strong background in experimental design and data analysis. This research will involve time at sea on commercial vessels. The project is highly collaborative and interdisciplinary, and we invite applications from candidates who excel in team work environments and are interested in building a strong network of collaborators."

If you think you are a good fit for this position, or want more information, please find the official posting by clicking here.

COP 26 Virtual Ocean Pavilion

Participate in the upcoming COP26 by joining the Ocean Pavilion where you will receive free access to live ocean events on November 1, 5, and 12 and on-demand content from 31 October - 12 November.

Cross posted from COP26 Website:

This COP26 Virtual Ocean Pavilion is dedicated to showcase why the ocean matters in climate negotiations and to all life on our planet. It aims to increase knowledge, commitment and action for the ocean-climate nexus at the UN Climate Conference (COP26) in Glasgow this November.

For more information or to sign up, click here.

New Paper of Interest

Siedlecki, S. A., Pilcher, D., Howard, E. M., Deutsch, C., MacCready, P., Norton, E. L., Frenzel, H., Newton, J., Feely, R. A., Alin, S. R., and Klinger, T.: Coastal processes modify projections of some climate-driven stressors in the California Current System, Biogeosciences, 18, 2871–2890,, 2021.


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