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OA Day of Action: Introducing our map of Canada's OA Resources!

Today is International Ocean Acidification Day of Action!

(Jan. 8th, or 8.1, the pH of our oceans)

To raise awareness, we are excited to share our newest resource for Canada's Ocean Acidification community: an interactive map of Canada's OA resources! The map includes geographical pins of OA experts, research groups, facilities and infrastructure, past and ongoing projects, and more from across the country! Explore the OA resources and experts in your area, search for keywords, and see what the OA CoP has gathered for each pin on the map!

A map of Canada with three geographical pins (one on each coast). Text: Introducing our map of Canada's OA Resources! Find: projects, people and research groups, facilities and infrastructure,

We will be continuously updating this map, so if you have a project, resource, or would like to include your name/lab group on this map, please contact us at!

There are several other events going on around the world for OA Day today, including a Facebook Live event hosted by The Ocean Foundation! Visit their website: for more info and ways you can contribute to ocean acidification action!

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to join in and stay up to date on today's news and activities!

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