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OA News (You Could Use) November, 25th 2021

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Here are some of the latest happenings in the world of ocean acidification in Canada and beyond!

New in the CoP:

New OAIE Discussion Post: The OA CoP will be facilitating discussions of important topics for the OA community on the OA Information Exchange. These posts will be made available to create a dialog between all of our members, so don't be shy! You will find can find a link to the discussions in OA News blog posts or you can find the post directly on the OA information exchange. To start commenting all you need to do is join team Canada on the OA Information Exchange!

This weeks topic is:

Which new technologies/resources could be (or continued to be) developed to make your research easier?

Click here to join the conversation:

New in the Blog:

The OA CoP is proud to announce the release of our new blog series "Meet the Critters". In this Blog series we will explore how the Critters of Canadian ocean acidification are impacted along with other fun facts about them. Once a Critter appears on a blog post its geographic distribution will be added to Map of Canadas OA Resources.

Click here to read the post:

In the News:

'You can't have a healthy planet without a healthy ocean': interview with UN Special Envoy for the Ocean

Source: World Economic Forum

Read it here.

OA Day January 8th 2022

A day 2022 is fast approaching! January 8 is global OA day, this initiative was started by the Ocean Foundation and is held annually on the date that corresponds to the current pH of the ocean (8.1). It's goal is to raise worldwide awareness for ocean acidification and it's global current and future impacts. Visit their website by clicking here!

The ocean foundation helps to promote and develop ocean acidification education resources that will help raise awareness and understanding of this global threat. They both partner with groups creating and create their own Educational Resources every year! To learn more visit the Ocean Foundation's website page for OA day 2022 by clicking here.

New Paper of Interest

Barakat, K. M., El-Sayed, H. S., Khairy, H. M., El-Sheikh, M. A., Al-Rashed, S. A., Arif, I. A., & Elshobary, M. E. (2021). Effects of ocean acidification on the growth and biochemical composition of a green alga (Ulva fasciata) and its associated microbiota. Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences, 28(9), 5106–5114.

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