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OA News (You Could Use) October 7th, 2021

Here are some of the latest happenings in the world of ocean acidification in Canada and beyond!

In the News

Texas A&M: Autonomous Glider Withstands Two Hurricanes While Transmitting Continuous Ocean Data

Source: India Education Diary Read the Article Here

New on the Blog

Meet the CoP: New Coordinator Austin Pugh

We interviewed our new CoP Coordinator, Austin Pugh, to learn more about his background, and his motivations for working for Canada's OA community.

Read it Here!

Missed OA Week?

Don't worry! The videos have been posted on the GOA-ON YouTube channel.

Click Here to view them!

New Paper of Interest

Gonski, S.F., Horwith, M.J., Albertson, S., Bos, J., Cloeman, N., et al. 2021. Monitoring Ocean Acidification within State Borders: Lessons from Washington State (USA) in Coastal Management available August 11, 2021:

Save the date and plan a sister event for the OA Day of Action 2022!

Planning something for OA Day of Action 2022? Read the post below for information on how to get involved!

Crossposted from Alexis Valauri-Orton on the OA Information Exchange

Link to original post here

Dear friends,

It is that time of year - time to begin planning for the International OA Day of Action! Each year we hold this event on the 8th of January - or 8.1, to symbolize the current pH of the ocean. As with last year we invite anyone and everyone to take advantage of this day to host their own event in their home town or country. Last year for example @Sheck Sherif hosted a policy/science dialogue in Liberia and @Carla Florencia Berghoff and @Lucia Epherra produced an amazing video highlighting OA in Argentina.

Each sister event can be different and can focus on what you think is most needed in your context. Do you want to share photos from a sampling trip and encourage others to measure pH with whatever they have? Do you want to partner with a local aquarium to put on an educational display? Do you want to arrange a meeting with government officials who work on ocean issues?

The Ocean Foundation is in the process of preparing a "press kit" for anyone to use. This will include graphics that can be shared on social media, a press release, and other materials that would be useful to hosting your event.

Here in the US The Ocean Foundation will host a policy-focused event at the House of Sweden in Washington, DC, where we engage with diplomatic staff from around the world to encourage more countries to create national programs on OA.

If you would like to plan a sister event we want to know about it!! Please e-mail Alyssa Hildt at to let her know about your sister event so that we can advertise and promote it.

As we get closer to the date I will post a link to the press kit.



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