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Truth and Reconciliation Day 2022

The Ocean Acidification Canadian Community of Practice is a countrywide cohesion grown out of the cooperation of groups and individuals. Indigenous communities are an important part of the OA community having lived with and observed coastal systems for generations. Tomorrow is the second annual Truth and Reconciliation day, which is a day put aside to commemorate the children who died in residential schools, survivors and families that are still being impacted by them. We as a community would like to share educational resources to assist our community in understanding the difficult past that we all share with hopes of moving forward in a future of equality and kindness.

Events and other important resources:

1) Visit websites like "Marine Plan Partnership for the North Pacific Coast (MaPP)" to see what ocean projects are underway in partnership with indigenous communities

2)Visit the Tamarack Community Website for resources and events accross the country

4) More events can be found in your area on Google Maps by search for "truth and reconciliation day events" in the google search bar (Example:

Articles and Books:

1) For Natural Scientists: Towards reconciliation: 10 Calls to Action to natural scientists working in Canada by Wong et al., 2020:

2) Book for scientists/non-scientists alike: "Braiding Sweetgrass" by Robin Wall Kimmerer:

3) For Educators: First Nations Education Steering Committee "BC First Nations Land, Title, and Governance Teacher Resource Guide" and "FNESC/FNSA Teacher Resource Guides Units, Lessons, and Activities for Blended or Remote Learning Contexts":

For more Truth and Reconciliation resources, videos, articles, and podcasts take a look at our blog post from 2021 by following the link here:

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