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Ocean Acidification Day of Action, NEW RESOURCES

OA Day of Action January 8th 2022

OA Day of Action 2022 is here! January 8 is global OA Day of Action, this initiative was started by the Ocean Foundation and is held annually on the date that corresponds to the current pH of the ocean (8.1). It's goal is to raise worldwide awareness for ocean acidification and it's global current and future impacts. Visit their website by clicking here!

The ocean foundation helps to promote and develop ocean acidification education resources that will help raise awareness and understanding of this global threat. They both partner with groups creating and create their own Educational Resources every year! To learn more visit the Ocean Foundation's website page for OA day 2022 by clicking here.

OA CoP New Resources:

1. The OA CoP is proud to introduce our newly updated members resources page. This page aims to centralize the resources that any of our members may need.

Click here to check out the new page.

If you have any other ideas of what to include on this new page please feel free to reach out to our coordinator at

2. We have developed a new educational resource to inform youth about action plans. A process many governments are utilizing to handle the impacts of ocean acidification and other worldwide problems. This resource provides a layout that will help the user to develop their very own action plan.

This resource can be downloaded downloaded off or by clicking below!

Action Plan-Final-Jan, 2022
Download PDF • 219KB

OA Actiopn Plan Teachers-Final-Jan, 2022
Download PDF • 259KB

If anyone is interested in a member of the OA CoP team coming to your classroom or to your group please reach out to our coordinator at!

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