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OA News (You Could Use) December, 12th 2021

Here are some of the latest happenings in the world of ocean acidification in Canada and beyond!

BC Seafood Harvester and Producer Perspectives on OAH Workshop (January 18th-19th, 2022):

The next virtual workshop to inform the British Columbia OAH Action plan is fast approaching. This workshop is titled "BC Seafood Harvester and Producer Perspectives on OAH" and is targeted towards BC fisheries and harvesters, anyone who attended the previous "State of the Science" workshop is strongly encouraged to attend and all interested parties are welcome.

The following is quoted text from the Quadra Centre website:

The second in a series of workshop to inform the BC Fisheries & Aquaculture Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia (OAH) Action Plan, the BC Seafood Harvesters and Producers Workshop on OAH will be hosted virtually by the Quadra Centre for Coastal Dialogue on January 18 & 19, 2022. This workshop will review the key themes and recommendations from the first workshop on the State of the Science on OAH Research in BC and give an opportunity for BC’s commercial harvesters, food-fish harvesters and aquaculture producers to share their perspectives. The outcome of this workshop will consist of a synthesis with recommendations from harvesters and producers in support of the development of regionally-relevant mitigation and adaptation strategies for BC’s fisheries and aquaculture sectors.

For more information on the workshop and to register, check out it's webpage by clicking here!

MEOPAR's Annual Scientific Meeting (January 31st-Febuary 11th):

The time for MEOPAR's Annual Scientific Meeting has come, this meeting will take place over 4 days between January 31st and February 11th. Sign up to see research and projects from across Canada and from all Canadian coasts from the safety of a virtual setting. This meeting will have lots of networking opportunities and will showcase other important MEOPAR funded groups and communities of practice.

The following is quoted text from the MEOPAR website:

MEOPAR’s Annual Scientific Meeting will showcase MEOPAR network projects and initiatives that demonstrate our coordinated Canadian approach to address marine challenges. Over four virtual half days, you will have the chance to: Hear the latest developments from national projects and initiatives (including Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System, National Research Vessel Task Team (NRVTT)/Modular Ocean Research Infrastructure Initiation Design and Demonstration (MORI IDD), and The Gulf of St. Lawrence Tracer Release Experiment (TReX)), Get involved in the advancement of ideas that could be officially endorsed under the UN Ocean Decade Endorsed Actions, Connect with MEOPAR-supported Communities of Practice (CoPs) and learn about their work, activities, and latest projects, Learn about and discuss the latest updates and results from MEOPAR Network projects, Browse the project posters and network with your peers during a highly interactive Poster Session on Gather Town.

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with the MEOPAR community across the country at this year’s MEOPAR ASM!

To register for the meeting and to see more information, click here to see their website.

New in the CoP:

New OAIE Discussion Post: The OA CoP will be facilitating discussions of important topics for the OA community on the OA Information Exchange. These posts will be made available to create a dialog between all of our members, so don't be shy! You will find can find a link to the discussions in OA News blog posts or you can find the post directly on the OA information exchange. To start commenting all you need to do is join team Canada on the OA Information Exchange!

This weeks topic is:

How big of a role will blue carbon projects play in the future of OA mitigation? Which species/ecosystems should be prioritized for study?

Click here to join the conversation:

New in the Blog:

The OA CoP Quarterly Newsletter is here! If you missed the release last week, click below to read it and catch up on all of the thing the CoP has been up to in the past couple of months!

Read it here!

The newest post from the "Meet the Critters" blog series is here! Check out the Dungeness crab and discover it's response to OA!

Read it here!

In the News:


Source: NCAR & UCAR News

Read it here.

OA Day January 8th 2022

OA day 2022 is fast approaching! January 8 is global OA day, this initiative was started by the Ocean Foundation and is held annually on the date that corresponds to the current pH of the ocean (8.1). It's goal is to raise worldwide awareness for ocean acidification and it's global current and future impacts. Visit their website by clicking here!

The ocean foundation helps to promote and develop ocean acidification education resources that will help raise awareness and understanding of this global threat. They both partner with groups creating and create their own Educational Resources every year! To learn more visit the Ocean Foundation's website page for OA day 2022 by clicking here.

New Paper of Interest

Yang, Zhang, F., Chen, X., Li, H., Jiao, N., & Zhang, R. (2021). Insignificant Response of Bacterioplankton Community to Elevated pCO2 During a Short-Term Microcosm Experiment in a Subtropical Eutrophic Coastal Ecosystem. Frontiers in Microbiology, 12, 730377–730377.


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