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OA News (You Could Use), March 28th, 2022

Here are some of the latest happenings in the world of ocean acidification in Canada and beyond!

OA Alliance Releases Infographic, "How Do You Measure OA?"

The following is cross posted from the OAIE:

The OA Alliance has released a new infographic suitable for engaging policy makers, resource managers, government ministries and programs (as well as the public) around OA knowledge and information. Aims to support understanding and implementation of UN SDG 14.3.1 "How Do You Measure Ocean Acidification?"

Monitoring for OA can tell us how the ocean is changing in response to climate change and how this may impact marine life, coastal communities and local economies. Some areas will experience more rapid change than others and the more we know, the better we can respond. Get a better understanding of the parameters needed to measure OA.

Click here to view and download the infographic.

[NavHub] OA CoP Presentation Friday, April 1st:

The OA Canadian Community of Practice has been invited by [NavHub] to participate in their webinar series. The presentation will be an introduction of who we are and what we do at the OA CoP, to the [NavHub] community. Feel free to drop by to show your support, ask questions, or give yourself a refresher on our community! See you there!

Click here to check out [Nav] Hub's website and to attend the presentation.

In the News:

Title: A Global Ocean Biogeochemical Observatory Becomes a Reality

Source: Eos

Click here to check it out!

New Paper of Interest: Check out this new paper examining ocean acidification in the past!

Aze, T. (2022). Unraveling ecological signals from a global warming event of the past. PNAS, 119(13).

New in the Blog: New meet the critters blog post. Meet Foraminifera, an animal that is one of the most abundant in the ocean and in the fossil record.

To read the new blog post click here!


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