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OA News (You Could Use), November 7th, 2022

Here are some of the latest happenings in the world of ocean acidification in Canada and beyond!


New Blog post:

MEOPAR Science-Art Symbiosis

Researchers and creatives will present their work in a unique way during the MEOPAR Annual Network Meeting on November 22, 24, 28, and 30, 2022. MEOPAR will host the virtual Science-Art Symbiosis Showcase, an art gallery-style exhibit via the platform Gather Town, which will feature a variety of science-art submissions that speak to the ocean theme.

Click here to read the article and learn more about this unique showcase.

Upcoming Events:

1. MEOPAR Annual Network Meeting:

This meeting will be held virtually with sessions taking place throughout dates of November 22, 24, 28 & 30, 2022.

The official call for abstracts deadline is on October 14th, 2022. If you wish to submit an abstract or learn more about this meeting check out the MEOPAR website by clicking here.

2 . ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting:

Quoted text from ArcticNet website:

The ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting brings together researchers from the natural, health, and social sciences to meet the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing Arctic region, shaped by climate change and modernization. This conference will push the boundaries of our collective understanding of the Arctic and strengthen our ability to address the Arctic issues of today and tomorrow.

If you would like to learn more about this meeting or would like to sign up, click here to go to the ArcticNet website.

3. Coastal Zone Canada Biennial Confernece:

Quoted text from CZC website:

The conference theme is “Connecting Canadians with the Coast”. As Canada’s national conference for coastal zone management professionals, we invite you to come and connect to share our passion for advancing scientific and traditional knowledge, engineering, social and policy awareness and best practices of coastal zone management issues across Canada. Our conference will emphasize the increasing importance of building a greater connection to our oceans and coastal zone environments as we address hazards associated with a changing climate and increasing development and resource pressures.

The first call for abstracts is open! Click here for more information and/or to submit an abstract!

In the News:

Continue following the story of CO2 crystals forming in the Mediterranean by reading the latest from Hakai Magazine!

New Paper of Interest:

Kekuewa, S.A.H., Courtney, T.A., Cyronak, T. et al. Seasonal nearshore ocean acidification and deoxygenation in the Southern California Bight. Sci Rep12, 17969 (2022).


All presentations from this conference have temporarily been posted on the Symposium High CO2-Lima YouTube channel here. These videos will be featured on the channel until November 25th, don't miss out!

Did you attend this meeting and want to still be part of the conversation? Check out the continuation of the conversation hosted on the OAIE here!


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